BIGBANG G-Dragon’s Police Appearance Results In A High Dollar Product Selling Out

His star power is unmatched.

In late October, it was reported that BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon was accused of drug abuse following an investigation into actor Lee Sun Kyun.

The star denied the allegations as netizens reflected on his past behaviors, and brands G-Dragon worked with remained neutral to the situation.

Chanel Comments On Ambassador G-Dragon’s Drug Case

Ultimately, the star tested negative for drug usage and addressed the scandal on Instagram, saying that wrongs would always be righted.

All things will eventually return to their righteous state.

At first, what is wrong may prevail due to not being able to tell what is right, but before long, all things will return to their righteous state.

— G-Dragon

Before the drug results, G-Dragon met with Incheon Police, where his arrival attracted much attention. The star was dropped off in a BMW, one of the brands he represents.

| Wikitree
| Wikitree

While speaking with the media afterward, another aspect of G-Dragon’s overall appearance attracted attention — his glasses.

The stylish pair of glasses are the Zephyrin (Nior 3) from Jacques Marie Mage and are priced at ₩1.27 million KRW (about $972 USD). As a result of his appearance, it seems the glasses sold out!

Many were left impressed by G-Dragon’s star power, even under the circumstances he was in at the time.

G-Dragon’s “sell-out” power has been proven time and time again. The special edition BMW he modeled earlier this year was in high demand, with the supply unable to meet the demand for the car in Korea.