BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Had The Guts To Suggest A Punishment For A Game…Only To Completely Regret His Words

His wager didn’t pay off 😂

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon bet it all in a game and may have just regretted it a little.

In a video posted by his hair stylist, Taehyun, he was seen relaxing with other people. In order to pass the time, they played a game that many K-Drama fans may recognize—ddakji.

G-Dragon and Taehyun | @taehyun0217/Instagram

This Korean childhood game blew up thanks to Netflix‘s Squid Game. It was featured in the scene where Gong Yoo recruited Seong Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) to the deathly competition. To play the game, two people face off with different colored paper tiles. They take turns throwing their paper on their opponent’s in order to make it flip over.

G-Dragon was so confident in his skills, he made a daring wager!

Do you want to play a game? The loser gets kicked in the butt.

— G-Dragon

Not one to back down, his stylist agreed to the challenge. G-Dragon went first and he even playfully practiced his swing while saying, “You’re nervous, right?”

Sadly, he failed to flip over Taehyun’s paper!

He didn’t lose hope, instead watching to see if his noona would pass or make the same mistake. Unfortunately for him, she threw her paper with enough force to make his blue tile go flying!

In the end, we even saw a very brief snippet of G-Dragon supposedly accepting the punishment he set himself!

Check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube