G-Dragon’s Lyrics About Seungri Resurface in Light of Seungri’s Scandal

“We’ve met before. I’m close to Seungri.”

In light of Seungri‘s recent scandal for soliciting prostitutes for high-profile investors, lyrics from G-Dragon‘s song, “Middle Fingers-Up” has resurfaced in online communities.

The song was released back in 2017 along with G-Dragon’s solo album, “Kwon Ji Yong”, and the lyrics talk about the exhausting aspects of life and his rights to privacy, and he also used to the song to stick it to those who criticized him.

A part of the song mentions Seungri, and the lyrics go as follows:

We’ve met before. Pardon? No, we haven’t. I’m close to Seungri. So what? Give me your number so we can go for a drink. I know some pretty girls. Why should I? Who are you?

“Spending a nice day with friends.”

The lyrics suggest that someone tried to get close to G-Dragon by using their connection to Seungri. Netizens are reading these lyrics and predicting that many of Seungri’s business partners must have tried to approach G-Dragon.

Source: Dispatch