BIGBANG G-Dragon’s Adorable Denial To Dating Rumors With BoA Resurfaces—Netizens Amazed How Cute G-Dragon Was

“What kind of 14-years-old has to respond to dating rumors at 14?”

BIGBANG G-Dragon‘s letter to fans denying dating rumors with BoA in 2002 has resurfaced.

Recently on an online community, a post titled “G-Dragon’s Denial To Dating Rumors With BoA” has gone viral.

G-Dragon in his younger years | Asia Economy

For context, at the time, G-Dragon was already a famous YG Entertainment trainee. In 2002, he was involved in a dating rumor with BoA.

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At the time, G-Dragon was 14, while BoA was 16.

BoA when she was younger | SM Entertainment

According to reports from the time, the two were said to have started dating because they “had a lot in common.”

Young G-Dragon, however, would deny the rumors by writing in his fan cafe.

Everyone knows I have been a fan of BoA nuna for a long time. Because I am young. But I’ve grown a lot. Anyways, because we debuted when we were so young, we both know how it is.

— G-Dragon

The idol then finished telling fans, “I am training hard to show the best side of me. Since I am young, look kindly over me. That’s it.

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Netizens reacted with awe at the message. They also noted how G-Dragon has never responded to dating rumors since he debuted.

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Fans also noticed how cute his writing was, a complete contrast to the idol’s image today. Today, he has a more mysterious, chic image to himself.

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Netizens commented, “I can’t believe there was a time when the mysterious G-Dragon was like this,” “What kind of 14-years-old has to respond to dating rumors at 14?” “The two are a refreshing couple,” “It’s cute how he says he has grown a lot,” and “He sounds so cute!”

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