BIGBANG is unable to get tickets to their own “MADE” concert

It seems like even BIGBANG’s own invited guests are not able to attend their concert due to the event being sold out. 

This piece of information was revealed through T.O.P’s Instagram as he shared a conversation between him and the other members who were looking for tickets. The photo was a screen grab of their group chat where Taeyang was asking Seungri for four tickets for Saturday’s concert.

Seungri in response also sadly stated that there’s no ticket for Saturday and that he had to apologize to sixty guests for not being able to get tickets. He also added that, “It seems like there is not even one ticket left.” 

The conversation took a turn when T.O.P confirmed that he can give the tickets he had for Friday, but only for important guests, leaving G-Dragon surprised that his fellow rappers has tickets left.

Check out their funny conversation below!