BIGBANG’s “MADE” album series sells two million digital copies in China

BIGBANG‘s series of albums MADE have sold two million digital copies in China alone!

During the first day of each month since May, BIGBANG has been releasing two additional songs for their comeback under the MADE series.

The group released “BAE BAE” and “Loser” in May which then followed with “BANG BANG BANG” and “We Like 2 Party” in June. And most recently, in their third release in July, BIGBANG came out with “If You” and “Sober.”

Just as BIGBANG’s albums are taking over the charts in Korea, the MADE series has also made a big impact in China as well. The sum of the three album series released by BIGBANG has totaled over two million digital copies sold in China alone.

Additionally, the albums have also recently broken the world record of selling more copies than any other K-Pop male group. Meanwhile, the members have dropped hints at the upcoming and last album in their series, E.

Source: YG-Life