BIGBANG makes history as the first Korean musician to enter ‘FORBES Celebrity 100’ list

Popular male group BIGBANG has been revealed to be the very first Korean act to enter in this year’s ‘FORBES Celebrity 100’ list, yet another milestone to add in their career.

On July 6th, FORBES published an article titled “Bigbang Theory: How K-Pop’s Top Act Earned $44 Million In A Year.”

The article continues to highlight how much the group made last year with a pre-tax income of $44 million dollars, or approximately 50.8 billion won. It further reveals that BIGBANG had made more than the top American all-male pop group Maroon 5, who earned $33.5 million dollars last year, or 38.7 billion won.

In an interview with FORBES, G-Dragon was quoted saying, “We made more than Maroon 5? Did not know that. My mom is in charge of my earnings.”

The exact rankings of both BIGBANG and Maroon 5 will be revealed in full in the upcoming ‘FORBES Celebrity 100’ to be published on July 12th.

Read more about what Forbes had to say here.

Source: Sports Donga and Forbes