Seungri Says MAMAMOO Reminds Him Of BIGBANG

He’s got a good point!

BIGBANG‘s concept, music and style was considered unconventional when they made their debut as an idol group in 2006.


According to Seungri, those same qualities is found in MAMAMOO, which reminded him a lot of BIGBANG’s early stages. He explained how MAMAMOO and BIGBANG were alike on Please Take Care Of My Fridge.


Seungri praised MAMAMOO for defying the standard concept of a girl group. He believes they have “unique personalities and concepts“, which was exact how BIGBANG debuted.

“I am reminded of BIGBANG’s debut when I look at MAMAMOO.

It’s because their style is different from other girl groups. They have unique personalities and concepts, a lot like when we made our debut.”

— Seungri 


And he’s entirely right… MAMAMOO’s debut was certainly refreshing at the time. The ladies focused more on their vocal talents and hilarious personalities on stage.


Even now, the girls are one of the most relatable K-Pop girl groups as they frequently chat with fans while sharing a drink and playing games in their comfy, old PJs without a thought towards being the “perfect ladies”.


BIGBANG also set a brand new standard of boy groups when they debuted. They were one of the first groups to focus solely on hip-hop, while heavily relying on their natural musical talents – all ranging from vocals, rap to even setting the standard for idols composing their own music!


If Seungri’s comparison remains true, MAMAMOO will too have a colorful career as royalties in K-Pop!

Source: SE Daily