BIGBANG’s album outranked by rookie group

NCT 127, a sub-unit from SM Entertainment‘s boy-group project NCT, has garnered worldwide attention by topping various international charts.

The group released their debut mini album Limitless on January 9 and it has quickly taken over both national and international charts. It was number 1 on both Billboard‘s World Album Chart and the Gaon Chart.

They even managed to surpass BIGBANG’s album MADE, which now ranks third, prompting people to take a listen to the album that could outrank the mega hit group. Consequently NCT 127’s album started ranking 1st on iTunes in Finland, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Worldwide, they have made it in to the top 10 in 13 countries, including China’s most well-known music chart, Xiami Music. There, they took the number one spot in both the K-Pop chart and the New Music chart.

NCT 127 wins the Rookie Award at the Asian Artist Awards.

In South Korea, NCT 127 has established a strong reputation as the ‘2016 Rookie Kings,’ having received multiple awards from several of last year’s award ceremonies. They won the Rookie Award from the Asia Artist Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, and The 31st Golden Disc Awards.

NCT 127 wins the Rookie Award at the 2016 Asia Artist Awards.

NCT 127’s title song “Limitless” gained instant popularity upon release, especially with their two unique videos: the “rough version” and “performance version.”


Check out their music videos below!

Source: Xports News