BIGBANG promises to return with a new album every month

BIGBANG makes an unconventional promise to their fans as they talked about releasing a new track each month. 

On May 7th, BIGBANG made their first performance on Mnet’s M! Countdown where they talked about their monthly releases. During the short interview, G-Dragon, leader of the group, promised that, “If you want, we will always return with a new album. Once a month, every month. Even if you don’t like it, we will still come back.” 

Meanwhile, it was also during the short segment when Seungri talked about the highlights of their two tracks, complimenting Taeyang to the the main point for “Loser,” which earned him a hug. He also pointed out T.O.P’s distinct rapping to be the highlight for “Bae Bae.”

Daesung also commented on his own highlight during their promotions and talked about his hair as his main point. He revealed that the hair was originally styled to cover his eyes, but covered too much that he couldn’t see and had a fall. To this, he showed the audience his new hairstyle that allows him to see clearly.

Joining BIGBANG on this episode were BTS, BEAST’s Hyunseung, SECRET’s Hyosung, EXID, Jinusean and more.

Source: Newsen