Seungri reveals BIGBANG comeback is in the work for 10th anniversary

VIPs may finally get the album from BIGBANG they have waited over a year for.

On September 28th, member Seungri revealed on a livestream that the group is preparing to drop a new album, saying, “BIGBANG will finally come out with a new song soon. I can’t tell you the exact release date but soon we will reveal a really good BIGBANG track. I finished recording with the members in secret. I wanted to tell you, this song is really good.”

BIGBANG has been busy with their international tour and individual schedules the past year. Recently, according to YG Entertainment, the five members finally got a chance to gather at the studio to prepare an album.

2016 marks the 10th anniversary since BIGBANG’s debut, and thus, they have prepared all sorts of goodies for fans to celebrate including a special film, exhibition, and concert. With the news of their upcoming album, fans are extremely excited and looking forward to what new type of music BIGBANG has to offer.

The group made an exciting comeback in 2015 with a series of singles, M, A, D, and E [MADE], topping the charts for months at a time with their tracks.

Source: OSEN and Xportsnews