BIGBANG renews their contracts with YG Entertainment

Fans can stop worrying about BIGBANG‘s nearing contract expiration as new reports revealed that they have resigned with their agency!

Since BIGBANG’s big comeback project in May, news of their nearing military enlistment and contract expiration with YG Entertainment have been making headlines, making fans a bit worried.

On November 2nd, YG Entertainment announced and confirmed that all of BIGBANG has recently renewed their contract with the agency without any problems, showing just how much of a deep relationship the group and agency has with one another. The group renewed two months prior to the contract expiration.

BIGBANG made their debut in 2006 under YGE, rising to become the most popular group under the agency and the top most artists in South Korea. In 2011, the group renewed their contract for the first time for an additional five years, promising to evolve from idols to artists in that span.

And sure enough, BIGBANG evolved their sound, reaching new heights in their careers and is continuing to do so for the future.

Source: OSEN