Seungri Claims Chat Log Tying Him to Prostitution Was “Misinterpreted”

Seungri’s legal representative addressed the suspicions surrounding a chat log shared by SBS funE.

Seungri‘s legal representative, lawyer Son Byung Ho recently participated in an interview with media outlets and stated, “One of the remarks in the chat log that reads, ‘Give them the easy girls’ was misinterpreted.

He explained, “The context before and after that remark was omitted, leading to a misunderstanding. Seungri said he doesn’t clearly remember since it was 3 years ago, but that he doesn’t use cheap expressions like ‘easy girls’.


Lawyer Son also added, “He was probably at a get-together after a concert and tried to say ‘the fun girls’ but it ended up being interpreted incorrectly.”

Seungri also stressed that he simply wanted to find women to accompany the guests and that he was only treating them well to collect the 2 billion won (~$1.75 million USD) that he invested in them.

The remark that Seungri and Lawyer Son was referring to was a part of a chat log that was shared by SBS funE which brought on the suspicion that Seungri was soliciting prostitution for high-profile investors.

Mr. Kim: We’re going to give them two main seats and body guards. We’ll take good care of them.

Seungri: Okay. What about girls? Give them the easy ones.


Seungri is currently denying all charges pertaining to soliciting prostitution.

Source: Insight

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