BIGBANG Couldn’t Attend Seungri’s Concert… So Here’s What They Did Instead 

Bless his maknae heart…

Seungri kickstarted his first solo tour, The Great Seungri, in South Korea. However, the rest of his BIGBANG members were unable to attend the historical event in his career.


It was obvious, however, how the youngest member seem to miss hyungs – all of whom are in the military completing their enlistment. 


Having anticipated their lack of presence, physically, they decided to support Seungri in the best way they can – with flower wreaths!


Each of the members sent Seungri a beautiful flower wreath with their own personal (and hilarious) twist!

  • “Private Dong Youngbae (Taeyang) I’d like to congratulate Lee Seunghyun (Seungri) on his first solo concert!”
  • “Private Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon) I have nothing to say.”
  • “Private Kang Daesung I’ll count to three so you come here! Let’s win!”
  • “T O P Our proud maknae! Even if you don’t count to three…”


BIGBANG’s fans also seem to have a different idea in mind. Individual member fan clubs decided to attend the concert in behalf of their favourite members… 


The reason behind it was touching: Seungri always made sure to attend his members’ own concerts, only for the four members to be in the military at the time of his first solo tour. 


Surely no one misses BIGBANG more than their maknae himself…