Seungri Denies All Allegations of Soliciting Prostitutes and Gambling Abroad

“We were just showing off.”

Seungri recently made his position clear to Sisa Channel through his legal representative, lawyer Son Byung Ho.

Seungri stated, “This all started with the contents of the chatroom, didn’t it? Just like how I spelled “police commissioner” incorrectly in the chats, we were just a bunch of fools bluffing and showing off with each other.

He continued, “The public perceived this as tax evasion and collusion with the police. At this point, even if I tell the truth, no one will believe me.

Seungri went on to express his sadness as he stated, “I believe the chat logs to be true and qualify as evidence.” But he added, “But there was no soliciting prostitution or gambling abroad.

Seungri is currently suspected of having been involved in collusion with the police following the appearance of Superintendent Yoon in his chatroom. Regarding CEO Kim whom he exchanged messages with, he simply insisted that “he was just a scam artist.

Seungri’s legal representative, Lawyer Son stated, “CEO Kim went to Indonesia with Seungri as just the two of them without any women. The message and photo about winning money was just a lie to bluff and brag. He was dragged around by CEO Kim for almost 2 years in efforts to get back the 2 billion won he invested in him.

Regarding the allegations that he solicited prostitution, Seungri’s lawyer denied them by stating, “All he did was introduce women to his acquaintances. There was no solicitation of prostitution.

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