Seungri’s Impersonations Of BIGBANG Members Are Crazy On Point

Only Seungri knows his members this well!

BIGBANG‘s Seungri recently poked fun at his other members during his solo concert, “The Great Seungri”. He impersonated each of their performance styles and he absolutely nailed it!


He first began with Taeyang. Seungri described Taeyang’s performance style as “impersonating a foreign artist” with dramatic ad-libs.

“As you all probably know, Taeyang feels a little bit like he’s copying foreign artists.”

— Seungri


As for G-Dragon‘s style, Seungri began described it as “artistic“, “red“… and something that brings out the “motherly side” of all the fans.

“In G-Dragon’s case… How should I put it… He’s an artist. He’s very artistic. A lot of red.

He brings out the motherly side of the audience and the fans. ‘Awww, Jiyong must be having a hard time!’”

— Seungri


He nailed Daesung‘s signature facial expression and the amount of energy he exudes with every performance!

“The mothers literally die. You come to his concert with your mother and… (laughs)”

 — Seungri


Seungri then began impersonating the way T.O.P directs the production of their concerts and if you listen to it with your eyes closed, you won’t know if it’s T.O.P talking or Seungri!

“T.O.P hasn’t had a solo concert yet but he’s so detailed that he would do exceptionally well if he did.

‘Please put the lights over here. Make the videos more artistic. Red seems like a good color.’”

— Seungri


Only the super maknae, Seungri, can pull of such hilarious-yet-perfect impersonations of the BIGBANG members!