BIGBANG Seungri Reveals What He Loves Most About His Foreign Friends

Seungri shares why he loves hanging out with his foreign friends.

BIGBANG‘s Seungri appeared on My Little Old Boy enjoying his time in Bali.


At a dinner with Park Soo Hong, he shared what he loved most about his foreign friends.


He began partying abroad and hanging out with his foreign friends when BIGBANG did their world tour.


He said although these foreign friends are the same as his other friends, they only know Seungri as a friend with many SNS followers and not as the world star that he is.

“Their all my friends but these friends only know me as someone who has many SNS followers. They don’t know how I became famous and their just not interested in that.” ㅡ Seungri


Seungri explained that his foreign friends loved Seungri for who he was, not for being Seungri the celebrity or Seungri the member of BIGBANG.

“These friends are busy living their lives and enjoying their lives. And during their busy lives, they met me and thought this guy Seungri has good energy, is enjoyable to be around…and that’s all.”  ㅡ Seungri


He concluded that he feels a sense of freedom when he meets these friends.

“When I am with my friends abroad, I feel extremely free. I feel that I’m becoming free.” ㅡ Seungri


Seungri has posted photos in the past of himself enjoying time with his foreign friends looking extremely happy.

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Now we know where that happy expression comes from!

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After hearing Seungri’s story, fans have been extremely proud of him for becoming such a mature, hard-working and admirable man.

  • “He sounds like a grown man”
  • “Our Riri is loved everywhere! Let’s always be happy!”
  • “Listening to him talk, I can tell he truly cares for the people around him and is thankful for even small things”
  • “He speaks even more maturely than Park Soo Hong. He’s really admirable. That’s why he has so many friends, Seungri you are the best.”
  • “Wow…Seungri is really a celeb!! Really really!!!!!”
  • “Seriously he’s already made it big, but he’s one to make it even bigger”
  • “His foreign friends like Seungri for his bright energy and the enjoyable person that he is, not for his background as Seungri of BIGBANG. He really looks happy in videos of him hanging out with his friends on SNS. Seungri, be happy ㅜㅜ”
  • “I love that he’s so diligent”
Source: Xportsnews