Seungri Confesses That One of the Accusations Made Against Him Was True

Seungri reported his club “Monkey Museum” as a typical restaurant.

KBS’s News 9 recently shared that Seungri confessed to reporting a club that he set up with Yuri Holdings’ CEO Yoo In Suk as a typical restaurant and that he knew that it was illegal when he committed the act.

This is the first time Seungri has confessed to a suspicion that was made against him since the escalation of the Burning Sun scandal.

During the police investigation, Seungri testified that when he opened his club, “Monkey Museum”, he was aware that reporting it as a typical restaurant could lead to legal problems in the future.

Seungri also added, “I saw other clubs reporting their businesses as restaurants or photo studios, so I just copied them. But once I saw them get busted, I put the matter right.

According to the police, it appears that Seungri and CEO Yoo conducted irregular operations such as installing a separate stage in the club for the dancers to dance on during business hours.

Back in 2016, Gangnam Police received reports from nearby businesses around “Monkey Museum” and charged the club for violating the Food Sanitation Act. As a result, they were fined 40.8 million won (~$35,000 USD).

However, the police are currently struggling to prove the suspicions that Seungri solicited prostitution for high-profile investors. They investigated 2 women who are suspected to have provided prostitution services, but they said, “He was there, but he didn’t solicit prostitution.





Source: Insight

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