BIGBANG surveyed to be the #1 ranked K-Pop artists in Japan for 2014

After an overall calculation of their Japanese activities over the course of this past year, BIGBANG has been ranked the #1 K-pop artist to promote in Japan in 2014!

On November 7th, Sports Donga revealed that South Korean band, BIG BANG, had the largest cumulative attendance at their concerts in 2014, naming them “the best Korean artists of 2014.”

According to the December issue of monthly Japanese magazine, Nikkei Entertainment, BIG BANG gathered over 927,000 fans total during their 29 concert stops in Japan, placing them at 2nd place following the Japanese rock band Exile who accumulated a total of 1,053,000 fans during their 31 concert stops.

For each concert stop,BIG BANG performed for an average of 31,965 fans in the audience, giving Exile and their 33,967 fans per show a run for their money.

Not only has BIG BANG succeeded in gaining the most fans as a whole group, but even the solo acts have played a big role in achieving the number one title. Members such as Daesung, who often goes by the Japanese alias D-Lite, has recently been climbing the popularity wave with his abundant solo promotions. Daesung’s 15 concert tour stops has garnered a whopping 169,000 fans in attendance—this puts BIG BANG’s audience total at a solid 1,096,000 fans.

According to several different entertainment industry analysts, if the average BIG BANG concert ticket was priced at approximately 100,000 Korean Won ($91 U.S. Dollars), BIG BANG would have raised approximately $1,412,276.

Meanwhile, TVXQ ranked second place out of all Korean artists following BIG BANG with a total of 691,000 fans. Other K-pop groups who achieved fairly high numbers were EXO with a total of 318,000 fans during their 14 concert stops and Girls’ Generation with a total of 308,000 fans during their 18 concert stops. Super Junior averaged with a total of 275,000 fans during their 5 concert stops, and last but not least, SHINee placed at 254,000 fans during their 33 concert stops.

Congratulations to BIG BANG!

Source: Sports Donga