BIGBANG T.O.P pleads to Chinese sasaeng fans to stop coming to his home and warns to call police

With rising incidents involving sasaeng fans stalking and visiting their favorite K-pop idols’ homes unannounced, BIGBANG‘s T.O.P has had enough and has issued a warning.

On the 16th, T.O.P, the eldest member and power rapper of BIGBANG, has taken to his official Instagram account to plea to his Chinese sasaeng, or privacy-invading, fans to stop coming to his home in Seoul, South Korea.

The star uploaded an odd, burgundy-colored photo with a caption that reads, “To all the Chinese fans.. please stop visiting my home.. (crying emoticon). I keep jumping and flinching and getting scared to death every time you guys press the doorbell throughout the middle of the night. My heart is about to explode.

Though it is clear that the BIGBANG member is trying to keep his plea as simple and light-hearted as possible with the silly choices of words and use of emoticons, T.O.P then continues his caption with a warning that reads, “I’ve tried to let it go and I’ve held back as long as possible, but from now on I will be reporting it to the police.

Many netizens have left comments of pity and worry for the rapper, as well as agreed that sasaeng fans of any kind are too much to handle and dangerous as they have been capable of breaking into celebrities’ homes, bank accounts, phone records, and more over the past few years.

Even fellow BIGBANG member, G-DRAGON, has issued a warning to sasaeng fans visiting his family home several years back on his own official Twitter account as well.