BIGBANG Taeyang’s First Impression Of BLACKPINK’s Lisa Proves She Was Born To Be A Star

“When Lisa first had an audition in Korea, I got to watch her audition.”

Exciting fans with their collaboration, BIGBANG‘s Taeyang featured BLACKPINK‘s Lisa in his song “Shoong!”. When discussing how they agreed to collaborate, Taeyang shared his first impression of meeting Lisa and how it came true.

During Taeyang’s recent appearance on The K-Star Next Door, his friend Jonathan asked how Lisa became a part of “Shoong!”.

Taeyang thought back on the first time he met Lisa. He said, “When Lisa first had an audition in Korea, I got to watch her audition. I was working on music.

He mentioned how confident she was despite her age. Taeyang continued, “She was really young. [She] approached me and sang ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber in front of me.

Taeyang knew from the start that Lisa would be a star. The combination of her determination and unique visuals would set her apart from others. The veteran idol had been right, seeing Lisa go from a trainee to a member of BLACKPINK.

She looked very pretty, so I thought she’d thrive. I could feel her passion. That’s the impression I had of her, and then she debuted.

— Taeyang

For a veteran idol like Taeyang to predict that Lisa would achieve success just from seeing her first audition, she was truly meant to be a star.

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