BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Jisoo Hang Out With BIGBANG’s Taeyang

The YG Entertainment artists reunited.

As YG Entertainment artists, the BIGBANG and BLACKPINK members have always had a special bond and recently showed off their close friendship.

Daesung laughing with BLACKPINK.

Although the BIGBANG members have been staying under the radar, Taeyang enjoyed an outing with Lisa and Jisoo.

Jisoo and Lisa. | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

The three of them shared an expensive meal at the BORN & BRED restaurant in Seoul.

BORN & BRED | @sangjung31/Instagram

The restaurant’s owner uploaded a photo of Taeyang, Lisa, and Jisoo with the staff to their account, quickly catching fans’ attention.

Lisa, Taeyang, and Jisoo with restaurant staff. | @sangjung31/Instagram

The series of photos also showed the unique dining experience Lisa, Taeyang, and Jisoo enjoyed, where guests could see the meat before it was prepared.

BORN & BRED | @sangjung31/Instagram

Since it’s been a while, fans of both groups were happy to see them reunite to share a nice meal once again.

| @__youngbae__/Instagram