BIGBANG’s Taeyang Addresses The “Shocking” Lyrics About Cheating In His Solo Debut Song “Only Look At Me”

It was controversial even then.

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang is one of the most successful male solo K-Pop idols of his generation. Besides his work with the group, he also released famous songs as an individual performer throughout the years.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang

He made his solo debut in 2008 with the mini album HOT. It contained the chart-topping title track “Only Look At Me” which became an instant hit. It even ended up clinching the “Best R&B/Soul” award at the 6th Korean Music Awards.

Despite its success, Taeyang received criticism due to its lyrics about cheating.

Even if I cheat, don’t you ever cheat, baby
Even if I forget you, don’t you ever forget me, baby
If once in a while I don’t contact you and I go out and drink, even if I ever meet another girl’s gaze, look only at me

— Chorus of ‘Only Look at Me’

Now, fifteen years since its release, he has since revisited the topic in an interview with 1theK. He acknowledged that “Only Look At Me” became a hit despite its messaging thanks to the timing of its release. Had he dropped the song today, the hypocrisy of the track would not have been swept under the rug.

People were probably okay with it since it came out at that time.

— Taeyang

He agreed that the words he sang were “shocking” and explained that he did not mean to condone such a mindset. Rather, he pointed out that saying things such as, “Even if I cheat, don’t you ever cheat,” is considered selfish.

The lyrics are pretty shocking, actually. It goes extreme in terms of expressing human selfishness.

— Taeyang

At the same time, part of him also saw the song in a lighthearted and “cute” way. As a netizen commented, he was like a young boy sulking to his lover about wanting to be the only one she notices.

Yes, it was cute. I thought I was pretty cute, too.

— Taeyang

Check out the full video below to learn more about Taeyang and his history as an artist.

Source: YouTube