Taeyang Covered TREASURE Bang Yedam’s “WAYO” And Gosh Dang His Vocals Were Dearly Missed

We need a BIGBANG/Taeyang comeback ASAP!!

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang hasn’t released a new track in years – 3 to be exact. But everyone around the world was reminded just how much we missed his legendary vocals when he gifted fans with a new cover video!

For VIPs, TREASURE fans, and YG fans all across the globe, Taeyang uploaded a teaser for Bang Yedam‘s upcoming solo track “WAYO”. And just the few seconds of Taeyang’s voice made us realize why Taeyang is a vocal KING!

In a small studio with his bucket hat covering his beautiful face, Taeyang sang “wayo, wayo, wayo” in his velvety smooth vocals. And everyone died.

Taeyang has such a unique vocal color and style that makes him stand out above the rest, and the only question left is… When are we getting more of Taeyang?!

BIGBANG was originally supposed to make a comeback at this year’s Coachella in April. However, as Coachella closed its doors until October (or maybe later), VIPs were forced to wait indefinitely about the kings’ return!

As Taeyang continues to prepare for their long-awaited return, his YouTube documentary series continues to drop new episodes each week! I guess that’s all we’ll have to fill the void until Taeyang drops his new beat!