BIGBANG’s Taeyang Impressed The Audience With A Luxury Performance On Such A Low Military Salary

Military soldiers only get paid around 50 cents per hour.

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang performed at a military music festival held at KBS Hall in Seoul where he pretty much flipped the whole place upside down with his amazing performances.

As a soldier in the military, Taeyang appeared wearing his uniform and showed off his incredible singing ability that the idol is well-known for.

The way he sang “RINGA RINGA” with his sweet yet husky voice prevented anyone from being able to take their eyes off of him.

What particularly stood out about this performance was that he was accompanied by two background dancers wearing all black.

In 2019, the yearly salary for military soldiers is 488,000 won (~$410 US) which means they get paid around 16,000 won (~$13 USD) per day.

So the fact that Taeyang put on such a high-quality performance with background dancers on just 675 won per hour (~$0.50 USD) made everyone give him a thumbs up in praise.

Just because Taeyang is in the military clearly doesn’t mean the star will settle for anything less than putting on a top-notch performance for his loyal fans.

Check out the full performance video below: