“Bingu T.O.P” makes a hilarious appearance on “Happy Together 3”

Happy Together 3 witnessed another outburst from the charismatic “Bingu T.O.P” on the upcoming and extended 100-minute of the program. 

As Happy Together released more still cuts from their recent filming, BIGBANG’s T.O.P was seen busting his moves, otherwise known as “Bingu T.O.P.” According to the program, the members did not disappoint the cast and staff with their honest and witty statements, leaving Yoo Jae Suk to comment that they have just given out all the article headlines.

Furthermore, the members also dared to revamp the program’s regular sauna outfit and recreated into their own take. The outfit led T.O.P, who came in with a neck massager around him, to confess that, “I don’t wear short sleeves because he feels embarrassed with my skin. I also don’t like it if my skin touches another.” 

However, everyone burst into laughter after he transformed into his “Bingu” self, dancing provocatively with Park Myung Soo right after his statement.

The full episode will air on May 21st.

Source: OBSTV