BIGBANG’s T.O.P Hints At Their New Comeback Possibly Being Their Last For A Very Long Time

He opened up about their future comebacks as a group.

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P recently sat down for an interview, where he talked about his past, future solo activities, and more!


In most recent news, T.O.P was announced to have parted ways with YG Entertainment, and BIGBANG was confirmed to be having their first comeback in 4 years!

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In an interview with Prestige magazine, T.O.P opened up about his past, especially his previous struggles with mental health and being a celebrity.

And now that BIGBANG is going to make their much-awaited comeback as 4 members, T.O.P talked about the comeback, and hinted at the status of possible future comebacks as a group. He first begins by saying that he’s always been proud to be a member of BIGBANG, but in the last few years, with them entering their 16th year as musicians, he began wondering if this was the end for them as a group, jokingly commenting on them being “too old” to be an idol group now.

From the beginning, I’ve always shared with my fans that I’m fully proud that I am T.O.P of BIGBANG, but in the last few years, I was starting to think that maybe this was the end, and maybe there won’t be T.O.P of BIGBANG for a while.

BIGBANG is an idol artist group. But I’m too old, and everyone’s old too!


He then brings up BIGBANG’s long hiatus of 5 years, where the members focused on completing their mandatory military enlistments, but was also riddled with group scandals and personal issues as well. He stated that in the 5 years that they were apart, they each grew in their own ways, and now, have music tastes and activities that are way too different from each others’.

Going forward, he now wants to make the music that aligns with his tastes, and so, “BIGBANG’s” and “T.O.P’s” musical priorities are no longer the same, and he’s looking forward to a break from his group identity to focus on himself.

Being super honest with the fans, I really don’t want to say this is my last [comeback as BIGBANG]. But even more frankly, it might be a long while until I come back as T.O.P of BIGBANG.

Over those five years, our music tastes and activities probably differed a lot, and now BIGBANG music and T.O.P’s music are quite different.

I’m at the stage in my life where I want to awaken to fresh new challenges, stimuli, and transition.


He does, however, say that there’s definitely a possibility for a reunion in the future, and says that he loves his band members!

BIGBANG is slated to make their comeback in spring of this year.

Source: Prestige Hong Kong


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