BIGBANG And YG Entertainment Erased From Seungri’s Profile

His ties to BIGBANG and YG have been erased.

Both BIGBANG and YG Entertainment have been erased from Seungri‘s profile on one of Korea’s most prominent web portals following the series of scandals he has recently been involved in.

On March 11, Seungri announced through his Instagram that he will be retiring from the entertainment industry, stating his wish not to defame YG Entertainment and BIGBANG any further.

I think this is where my end [as a celebrity] will be, even if it’s [to protect] the honor of YG Entertainment and BIGBANG.

Again, I am sorry and would like to apologize once again.

ㅡ Seungri


Then on March 13, YG Entertainment confirmed Seungri’s retirement and stated that their exclusive contract with him will be canceled as well.

YG Entertainment Responds To Seungri’s Retirement Announcement


Amid the numerous investigations Seungri has been participating in, traces of Seungri’s past relations with YG Entertainment have been disappearing on his profile. Not only has YG Entertainment been erased, but information about his debut with BIGBANG has also been removed from his profile. His Youtube, Weibo and Instagram links have also been removed.


Meanwhile, this information still remains on his profile on another large Korean web portal.


Jung Joon Young, who was involved in Seungri’s scandal, has also had his agency as well as debut date removed from his profile. Choi Jonghoon, who also announced his retirement from the entertainment industry, still has FNC Entertainment showing as his agency at this point.



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