BIGBANG’s comeback earned more than 150 billion won in revenues

Proving to have had a strong comeback this year, BIGBANG is reported to have earned a staggering amount of money for their music releases and concert revenues. 

On December 14th, tVN aired their list of 2015 and included BIGBANG as one of the stars among the forerunners of the “golden age.” According to the report, BIGBANG ranked third after holding concerts across 15 countries, receiving an annual revenue of 140 billion won.

Along with their concert revenues, BIGBANG further made a total of 52 billion in terms of their album sales for MADE and  other revenue sources.

The report has received such positive feedback after reflecting on the success of BIGBANG’s comeback, their first release after three years.

Image: tvN / Dispatch
Image: tvN / Dispatch

Source: Dispatch