BIGBANG’s New Song Flower Road Under Controversy For Plagiarism, Here’s What Actually Happened

There was no plagiarism in the end.

BIGBANG recently released their new track “Flower Road” as a special gift for their fans following enlistment.


The track, however, was hit with plagiarism accusations immediately after its release.


Netizens thought “Flower Road” sounded eerily similar to the track “Ain’t No Us” by American artist Niykee Heaton, and it received backlash immediately. It was a track produced by Wiltril, a stage name used by producer Chaz Mishan.


Fans investigated the issue straightaway and discovered that Chaz Mishan was also a member of producing team The Fliptones.

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It’s worth remembering that The Fliptones produced “Flower Road” with BIGBANG. The similarity between the two tracks was due to signature samples from the producing team being used in both tracks.

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“Flower Road” was recorded in 2015 while the group was preparing their MADE album, but they released it this year as a final treat to their fans. Good thing the issue got settled!


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