BIGBANG’s T.O.P finds pending military enlistment “unreal”

T.O.P‘s upcoming military enlistment has made a lot of their fans sad, but it seems like BIGBANG‘s rapper felt a bit overwhelmed too.
Recently, BIGBANG promoted their latest album, MADE, through a press conference. During the interview portion, T.O.P was asked about his military enlistment.

Being the oldest member of the group, T.O.P applied for military enlistment and qualified for the conscripted policeman role. He registered back in October and received his notification around November 11th. His confirmed enlistment date was set for February 2017.

When asked about his thoughts on the matter, T.O.P confessed, “I actually received the notice of enrollment about two weeks ago. I do not have any sense of reality right now.” He wanted to treat his fans with a lot of love and simply have as much fun as he can!

For T.O.P, the idea of military enlistment is simply something that he must do. But he has promised that his focus will always be on BIGBANG and their music.
It’s T.O.P’s “Last Dance” with BIGBANG until he gets discharged from the military.

It was also during the same interview where BIGBANG revealed how they discussed the issues on their military enlistment and contract renewal. It was hinted that they will fill the “blank period” with various solo and unit projects, and try to shorten their absence as much as they can.

MADE is T.O.P’s last promotional run with the group before he enlists. It was released on December 12th.

Source: JoongAng