BIGBANG’s T.O.P responds to rumours about his relationship status

BIGBANG’s T.O.P addresses speculations about his relationship status and has clarified it once and for all. 

After giving fans a chance to send in their personal questions about the rapper on an episode of V app, T.O.P was bombarded with questions about his love life and clarified speculations about his alleged girlfriend.

He stated that, “A lot of people has been asking about my girlfriend. I really don’t have one. There are rumours, but I don’t have one.” When asked about his ideal type, he reveals that he prefers someone who is simple, feminine and possesses some qualities that he doesn’t. When asked further about his dislikes about a female, he states that he does not want a girlfriend who is too engaged and meddles in the business of others, further clarifying that he prefers someone with personality rather than style.

Meanwhile, it was also on the same episode where he talked about his explosive posts on Instagram after he bombarded his followers with photos of Seungri sleeping, pigs, random selcas and more.

Source: MyDaily