Big Hit Entertainment Seeks Legal Action Against Malicious Netizens

ARMYs made this happen.

Big Hit Entertainment issued a warning to malicious commenters that attacked the members of BTS online. 

On November 19th, Big Hit posted a notice on their official website: 


“We have asked the police to file legal proceedings against malicious netizens who have seriously undermined the rights of our artists. 

In the future, we will hire a professional law firm dedicated to this task in order to respond quickly and firmly on hose involved. In order to protect the interest of the artists and our company, in any case of libel and false dissemination, we will take legal action without any kind of settlement or compromise.” 

— Big Hit Entertainment

They have also started a legal investigation for those who have impersonated staff members and disseminated false information or notices. 

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Fans were also acknowledged in their efforts in reporting malicious posts and comments to the agency. Between June 15 and the end of October, they have received 41,000 emails that recorded to 70,000 cases. 

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Big Hit Entertainment ended the statement promising fans of any updates about the cases in a bid to protect BTS. 


Source: TVReport
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