BigHit and CJ Allegedly Launched A Global Audition For A Boy Group To Debut In 2020

Auditions have already opened.

Beliftlab, a digital content company, launched their global audition for a new boy group that they’re preparing to debut in 2020.


The company claims that it is a joint venture program started by CJ Entertainment and BigHit Entertainment.

“Beliftlab is looking for members for a global K-Pop idol group that’s set to debut in 2020. Beliftlab will be partnering with CJ ENM, the creators of the Produce series, and BigHit Entertainment, the creator and producers of BTS. Starting from Seoul on March 23, we’ll be searching in multiple domestic and foreign cities.”

— Beliftlab


Belift is looking for male members born between the years 1995 to 2008. They’re recruiting anyone who’s talented in rapping, singing, dancing, acting, or modeling.


CJ E&M is currently busy launching their audition program, Produce X 101, while BigHit just launched their new boy group, TXT.


More information regarding their global audition can be found on their Facebook page.

⭐️[Notice for Belift Global Audition]👏👏👏*Korean, English, Thai, Japanese are below안녕하세요. 빌리프입니다.저희는 오늘부터 오디션 결과를…

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