BigHit Entertainment Is Moving To A New (And Much Bigger) Building In 2020

BTS’s home needed a bigger building to support all the success!

BigHit Entertainment confirmed that they are moving to a new building starting May 2020. They will be moving from their current headquarters located in Daechi-dong in Gangnam to a larger building in Yongsan, all located within Seoul.

The new building, named Yongsan Trade Center, is currently being built and is set to finish by the end of this year. The building’s name will probably have to change when BigHit enters in May as the agency will occupy the building in its entirety from the 7th floor basement level to the highest level of the 19th floor!

BigHit reportedly decided to move to such a big building in order to accommodate their affiliated labels, producers, and a place for fans to communicate with their favorite BigHit artists.

We decided to move in order to accelerate our production of the best contents, as well as our global business. Our lease with our current contract has ended, so we will soon begin to prepare for our move.

— BigHit Entertainment

BigHit has seen a historical growth ever since BTS became one of the most successful boy groups in the world. BTS’s success soon followed with the rise of monster rookies, TXT, and BigHit is reportedly gearing up to debut a new girl group soon!