BigHit Entertainment To Take Action Against Violation of BTS’s Rights

“We will do everything we can to protect our artist.”

BigHit Entertainment, BTS‘s management company, released an official statement regarding MGM Media‘s Star Focus Special Magazine which has violated the portrait rights of BTS.

On the 5th of January, BigHit Entertainment released their official statement via BTS’s official fansite and SNS.

BigHit Entertainment stated they were aware that MGM Media had opened pre-orders for Star Focus Special Magazine, containing a BTS photobook, DVD, and photocards as bonus supplements.

On the 4th, we checked that MGM Media opened pre-orders for their Star Focus Special Magazine through the likes of Kyobo Books, Aladdin and Yes24, and listed BTS’s photobook, DVD, and photocards as inclusions.

– BigHit Entertainment

BigHit Entertainment also explained that MGM Media’s use of BTS’s portraits and names had not been approved with BTS or the management in advance.

The use of BTS’s portraits and names within their publication was not approved by us or BTS beforehand, and therefore is illegal, violating our artist’s portrait rights and name rights.

– Big Hit Entertainment

This is not the first time this dispute has arisen between the two companies.

In November of 2018, BigHit Entertainment filed a legal lawsuit against MGM Media in regards to violation of portrait rights in Star Focus Photobook “In-Depth Coverage of BTS History”.

During that time, BigHit Entertainment asked for the photobook to be banned from being published, as there had been no agreements made between the two companies and the photobook lacked any substantial information for the readers.

The court agreed MGM Media tried to use BTS and its members’ portraits and names commercially, and use the power of their name value without notice in a dishonest manner; and ruled that “MGM Media shall not use BTS members’ portraits and names in printing, creating, copying, distributing, selling, and exporting photobooks/DVDs/Blu-rays/still photos/posters/autographs; and if they go against this command, they will pay 20 million won($17,900 USD) a day to BigHit Entertainment.”

– Big Hit Entertainment

BigHit stressed the fact that MGM Media was disregarding the court’s decisions by trying to publish their Star Focus Special Magazine within a month or so since the ruling.

They also expressed their worry about the increase in illegal publications and contents that ignore the rights of BTS.

There has been an increase in illegal publications and contents using our artist without consent and ignoring our artist’s rights, and we realise the seriousness of this issue.

– BigHit Entertainment

BigHit Entertainment emphasized that they will do everything they can to protect BTS and BTS’s rights.

We will assign a department solely in charge of protecting our artist’s intellectual property right, and use resources within and outside of the company to protect our artist’s intellectual property right.

– BigHit Entertainment

They stated they will try to minimize the effects this dispute will have on the fans.

BigHit Entertainment also asked the fans to be wary of purchasing products related to BTS that are in violation of BTS’s rights.

Source: 10Asia