BigHit Entertainment Uploads A Mysterious Teaser “Coming Soon”?

BTS’s agency has teased fans with a mysterious message.

BigHit Entertainment has uploaded a mysterious new teaser that has BTS fans buzzing with excitement.


On January 9, BigHit Entertainment uploaded a tweet with a mysterious black and white image entitled “You & Me”, along with the caption “What do you do? What do you see?”.


The tweet also includes a link to a “coming soon” website with a 24-hour countdown.


When users click on the center image, the two circles merge…


…to form a Venn diagram with the message “You and I, different but together”. The graphics somewhat resemble the sun and moon heading toward an eclipse.


Does this countdown have anything to do with the mysterious “Smeraldo Books” and “Note1” teasers? Fans may finally find out when the countdown ends!

Big Hit Entertainment’s Mysterious “Smeraldo Books” Piques Fans’ Curiosity