BigHit Entertainment Valued Over $2 Billion USD After BTS’s Worldwide Success

Analysts reviewed BigHit’s financial performances.

The Hyundai Research Institute (HRI) reported that BigHit Entertainment is valued at over $2 billion USD thanks to the worldwide success of BTS.

BigHit Entertainment’s corporate value as of 2018 is estimated to be 1.28 trillion won ($1.16 billion) and 2.28 trillion won ($2.07 billion).


BigHit is officially a “unicorn company”, which indicates a privately held startup company that is valued over $1 billion USD. The term was officially coined in 2013 to represent the statistical rarity of startup companies achieving such success.

BigHit has once again been ranked much higher than the original Big 3 K-Pop agencies. SM Entertainment was valued at 1.6 trillion won, JYP at 929.6 billion won, and YG at 580.5 billion won.

BigHit Entertainment’s reported sales for 2018 were 214.2 billion won with a net profit of 50.2 billion won, which is six times their growth rate back in 2016.

BTS has held world tours from 2018 to now.

Specialized analysts credit BigHit’s huge mark in success and historical achievement to BTS’s worldwide fame. Over the past few years, BTS has soared past their domestic success in Korea to selling out concerts in the Americas, Europe, and more.

Analysts believe BigHit’s value for 2019 will most likely be higher than their current value, meaning the company and their artists are in for another year of renown success!

Source: Herald News and MSN