BigHit Rumored To Merge With Top K-Pop Entertainment Agencies

There are 3 companies involved.

A well known news reporter, named Kim Yong Ho, claimed that he has inside knowledge of BigHit Entertainment‘s plans of merging with other entertainment agencies.


He first announced that BigHit is getting ready for a massive merger that will further drive up the value of BTS.

“I’m confident that BTS’s value will increase with this information.

BigHit Entertainment is getting ready for a massive merger and acquisition.”

— Kim Yong Ho


He didn’t name which companies BigHit had previous and are currently in alleged talks of merging, but he listed a couple of clues.

“Since no contracts have been signed yet, I will refrain from naming the other company, but I’ll give you a hint.

Company A and Company B were very close to signing a contract with BigHit. Company A has the the most popular girl group in Korea under their label. Company B houses the celebrity who’s the most popular on variety shows and commercial ads today.

The CEO of these two companies have been close friends with Bang Si Hyuk for a long time.”

— Kim Yong Ho


But apparently, the alleged merger discussions took a surprise turn when a large entertainment label came on the table with their hopes of partnering up with BigHit.

“I predicted that if BigHit decides to merge, it will merge with the two companies that it’s closest with. And my prediction is currently becoming true.

I received word that BigHit is in talks of merging with a very big, surprising company.”

— Kim Yong Ho


Kim Yong Ho gave clues as to which big agency could be.

“Company C has a longer history than BigHit, and it has a large number of celebrities. It’s one of the top 5 agencies in the industry.

This company was actually in talks of merging with another large corporation before, but they decided to switch over to talk with BigHit Entertainment instead.”

— Kim Yong Ho


If Kim Yong Ho’s claims are correct, that would make BigHit shoot straight up to the top as the No. 1 entertainment industry in Korea.

“If my predictions are correct and BigHit merges with Company A, B and C, then it will become the #1 entertainment agency in Korea, beating out SM, YG and JYP in a landslide.”

— Kim Yong Ho


After listening to his alleged inside source, fans began to speculate Source Music, RBW Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment to be the companies that are in talks of merging with BigHit.


Only time will tell if reporter Kim Yong Ho’s statements are true as BigHit hasn’t announced anything about a possible merger. For now, it remains as a simple rumor.

Source: Nate Pann