BIGHIT Music Addresses Rumors Alleging BTS Members Frequented High-End Hostess Club

A media outlet reported that the members were VIPs at the same club that G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun frequented.

BIGHIT Music responded to a report alleging that BTS were regulars at the high-end hostess club that Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon allegedly frequented.

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On October 26, BIGHIT Music stated that rumors circulating involving BTS members were false and that the members had nothing to do with the ongoing drug scandal.

BTS has nothing to do with the rumors, and the allegations are absolutely false. We will take strong legal action against those spreading the rumors.

— BIGHIT Music

According to a Sports Chosun report, on this day, a different media outlet reported that BTS members were also regulars at the high-end hostess club that Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon frequented. The hostess club reportedly charges customers up to ₩10.0 million KRW (about $7,400 USD) for drinks and exclusively serves rich and high-profile customers.

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Meanwhile, police have since stated that no other idols or celebrities have been implicated in Lee Sun Kyun’s drug scandal, which should bring an end to any further speculation.

Also on this day, netizens exposed who started rumors stating there were more idols implicated in the drug scandal.

Alleged Culprit Behind “Girl Group” Drug Scandal Rumors Exposed

Source: sports chosun