BIGHIT MUSIC Releases 30+ Behind-The-Scenes HD Photos Of BTS Jungkook’s “GOLDEN” Promotions

A look back at Jungkook’s solo promotions.

BIGHIT MUSIC recently released 37 exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of BTS‘s Jungkook, celebrating his solo promotions and his debut album, GOLDEN.

Check out the photos below!


BTS’s Jungkook released his solo debut single, “SEVEN,” featuring American rapper Latto, on July 23.

His cinematic “SEVEN” music video featured famous actress Han So Hee, and the duo’s visual chemistry had netizens stunned.

Along with the music video, Jungkook released an official performance video…

… and, of course, an accompanying dance practice video.

Despite the GMA Summer Concert Series being canceled due to inclement weather, Jungkook was able to prerecord a performance, wowing fans with his new song.

Jungkook amped up his global promotions, discussing his music, his creative process, his solo debut journey, and BTS on popular broadcasts.

Jungkook showed the world why he was nicknamed the “golden maknae” and took his live performances to the next level on stages in the U.S., Korea, Japan, and England.


Jungkook’s second promotional single from his GOLDEN album, “3D,” was released on September 29.

The single, featuring American rapper Jack Harlow, had netizens praising the catchy and “sexy” release.

With his second promotional single, Jungkook continued to try new sounds and styles, proving his talents know no bounds.

Jungkook continued to show off his natural singing and dancing talents, which proved he was born to become a star.

“SEVEN” and “3D” were just an introduction to the musical styles Jungkook would take on for his debut solo album.


Jungkook’s debut solo album, GOLDEN, was officially released on November 3, which included nine songs.

The new album debuted another promotional single, “Standing Next To You,” highlighting Jungkook’s incredible abilities as a performer.

The BTS maknae continued to show what he could achieve and stunned netizens and locals alike when he filled Times Square with adoring fans for a surprise performance with only a 30 minute heads up.

Jungkook’s GOLDEN promotions recently concluded, and the BTS maknae is now preparing for his impending military enlistment.

His unforgettable solo debut created many heartwarming memories for ARMYs to revisit in the months the BTS members are completing their military service.

Source: Weverse