BigHit is Now Part of the Big 3 – Who Did They Beat Out?

Who did BigHit overthrow in the Big3?

Chosun Daily has revealed the top 4 entertainment company’s revenues in 2018. The list has shocked many people, as BigHit has risen above the ranks to make it in Top 3. For years, the top 3 has remained the same, leading to the development of the term “Big 3”. The “Big 3” are known to be SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment.

However, BigHit has dethroned of these companies and has taken their seat in the Big 3. BigHit has ranked above JYP Entertainment, leading BigHit to be ranked 3rd and JYP Entertainment ranked 4th.

The top 4 ranking is as follows:

  1. SM Entertainment – 605 Billion Won (approx. $532 Million)
  2. YG Entertainment – 284 Billion Won (approx. $248 Million)
  3. BigHit Entertainment – 224 Billion Won (approx. $196 Million)
  4. JYP Entertainment – 125 Billion Won (approx. $109 Million)

Both SM Entertainment and BigHit Entertainment’s revenue doubled in comparison to their 2017 revenue.

BigHit Entertainment’s revenue mostly comes from BTS’ success and with the debut of their newest boy group TXT, it is expected that their revenue will continue to rise.

Source: Chosun