BIGHIT Music Responds To KORAIL Employee’s Violation Of BTS RM’s Privacy

BIGHIT responded in a statement.

BTS‘s label BIGHIT Music responded to the controversy over a KORAIL employee who violated RM‘s privacy.

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According to an exclusive report from SBS, KORAIL employee “A” was caught searching for BTS RM’s personal information in the company’s passenger database during an internal audit. Employee “A” not only looked at the specific ticket number that RM purchased, but also the phone number and address that were connected to the account RM used to register for KORAIL’s website.

According to the report, the employee searched RM’s personal information 18 times over three years. The employee is alleged to have used the information to see him in person and passed on information so their friends could buy tickets to sit next to him. The employee was caught after telling an acquaintance who reported them.

I checked RM’s reservation details, and I went to see him in person.
My friend informed me where RM was sitting so that I could pick a nearby seat.

— KORAIL employee “A”

To this, BIGHIT Music released a statement stating that they would take necessary actions to protect the privacy of their artists.

We will verify the details and, after, take the necessary steps to protect our artist.

— BIGHIT Music

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Source: newsen