Big Hit Entertainment Denies The Establishment Of BTS-Themed Streets

Plans for individually themed BTS streets will not be moving forward.

BTS‘s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, has responded to the proposed establishment of BTS-themed streets.


Last week, Yonhap News reported that the Daegu government had announced plans to create a themed street dedicated to V. The 100m street, which would feature V’s elementary school and high school, would be located in Daegu’s Seo-gu district.


On July 24, Starnews reported that a Suga-themed street was also in the planning stages. Representatives from the Daegu Buk-gu Office reportedly sent the proposal to Suga‘s father but received no reply. Both Suga and V grew up in Daegu before moving to Seoul to train at Big Hit Entertainment. 


According to a new report from Mnews, Seo-gu (V’s hometown in Daegu) and Nam-gu (Suga’s hometown in Daegu) have now denied plans to go forward with these individually themed streets. They say the streets were proposed but ultimately rejected, due to Big Hit Entertainment’s “OT7” policy.

I tried to promote the business related to other BTS members in Ilsan and Gwacheon, but I heard that it was impossible.

— Daegu Buk-gu Office official


Big Hit Entertainment has stated that BTS will always work as a team. Therefore, plans to create streets for individual members will not be approved.

Source: Star News and Yonhap News