BigHit Security Under Fire For Alleged Sexual Harassment And Discrimination At BTS’s Concerts

Korean fans are demanding BigHit to address the problem.

BigHit Entertainment is being criticized by Korean fans for supposedly harassing and discriminating against Koreans during BTS‘s concerts.


A Korean fan uploaded a post claiming that the security guards at the 2nd day concert in Hamilton, Canada sexually harassed a fan just because she was Korean. They had apparently pulled them out of line and forcefully checked their belongings to see if they were smuggling in a camera. The OP claimed that even when they clearly didn’t have any intension to film unauthorized contents, the security guards began hitting their chest with a flash light.


The post gained traction among the Korean community as more and more Korean fans began telling their own story of interactions with BigHit’s security teams.

“Upon entering, I voluntarily gave up my bag as a whole to the security lockers and went to watch the show. When I came out, I found that the memory card I had in my camera was gone..? Why did you dig through my bag without permission and take my empty memory card..? I couldn’t be saying anything if I was guilty of anything”


“Pull our hair? Search our skirts? Hit our chests with a stick? Search our bags? Take our expensive cameras? Touch us in the bathroom? #BigHit_PowerHouse_Draught Do Korean fans attending BTS concerts have no right?”

— @hihilyo_lalla


Many Korean fans claimed fault toward BigHit for their handle on security. They demanded that BigHit fix the alleged discrimination against Korean fans.

“@BigHitEnt You say you’re going to educate your staff, but are you educating them to pick our Koreans and torture them? You said you’ll make continuous management, rigorous action, and legal actions, but it doesn’t seem like it.. You said it’s not true that you’re discriminating against Koreans. Are you going to argue the same way this time too~~ You said you respect everyone like BTS does (ㅋㅋ)ㅠ”

— @Eungae_bts

“ㅋㅋㅋSeriously, you delirious kids need to search BTS… See for yourself if BigHit is committing a crime. While you guys are enjoying BTS, Korean fans can’t even watch the concert in peace, a concert that they spent so much money on, they can’t enter but instead by harassedㅋㅋㅋㅋ Don’t just say you love your fans. Show it”

— @p21_21q

“Is it f*cking true how BTS are working so hard while BigHit are harassing ‘Korean’fans~~~~~~~~ Why are you hitting peoples’ chests with sticks, it’s clearly certain that people will raise up in arms. Why are you doing that to girls~~~~~ You’re the best at making fans angry.”

— @FuckU_exolfuck

“This is why… I’m sad, mad, and upset.. It’s a Korean artists’ concertㅋㅋㅋ… I guess we’re the lowly criminals for loving BTS 🤔 That’s why whenever I don’t have my Japanese friends with me, I’m only going to take my ARMY Bomb and no bag….”

— @sevenbts0613

“It’s important for BigHit to acknowledge the problem and sort out the facts, but I think BTS also needs to know what’s really happening. They need to know how the fans who come to see them are treated at the concerts, that they only get discriminated because they’re Korean, that they have to get searched underneath their skirts because we’re girls. They need to know it all.”

— @s_pam_


On the other hand, many fans have brought to light the importance of security when it comes to such big concert events. They emphasized that it was better safe than sorry when it came down to the safety of the artists and the fans.


The security team in charge of BTS’s concert at Hamilton responded to the accusations by clarifying that the pat downs are conducted by security officers of the same gender.


BigHit Entertainment has yet to respond to the Korean fans’ accusations towards their security team.

Source: Nate Pann