Billboard Is Stressing BTS Fans Out, And These Relatable Tweets Prove It

They’re waiting for the “Hot 100” chart results.

BTS‘s single “Dynamite” has been dominating the “Hot 100” chart at No.1 for two consecutive weeks. Now, fans are not so patiently waiting to find out Billboard‘s new “Hot 100” ranking.

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Will history be made again this week? These ARMYs are dying to find out!

1. Chaos is coming

2. What would V say?

3. The one who has had enough

4. Every ARMY’s face right now

5. No sleep, just stanning

6. The world’s slowest animal

7. When you ask for “Dynamite” but get “FIRE” instead:

8. The only theory that matters

9. A poll for feelings

10. Well, that escalated quickly…

11. So what do you do for a living?