Billlie’s Tsuki Revealed As A Fan Of SHINee

As expected, she’s got great taste!

Billlie‘s most recent comeback “GingaMingaYo (the strange world)” has been met with enthusiasm from fans so far, with the music video reaching over 14 million views in under one week.

Billlie | @Billlieofficial/Twitter

On top of that, member Tsuki went viral this past week for her excellent command of her expressions onstage. Now, she’s getting attention again for another reason.

Tsuki | @Billlieofficial/Twitter

The Instagram account idolissue made a post yesterday about a Japanese idol who has a history of being a K-Pop fan. The idol in question? None other than Tsuki!

The post shows screenshots of items liked by Tsuki on her personal Twitter and Instagram accounts, the handle for both of which is @talways_tari.

Tsuki’s Twitter likes | @idolissue/Instagram

SHINee in particular seem to be ever present in her liked posts, and even more specifically, Minho looks like he shows up a lot!

More Twitter likes | @idolissue/Instagram

Tsuki’s Instagram likes | @idolissue/Instagram

With this evidence, Tsuki joins the ranks of the numerous other idols who were fans of SHINee in their pre-debut days.

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi is a well-known fan of SHINee

Now that she’s also a K-Pop idol, maybe she’ll be lucky enough for Billlie and SHINee to someday be promoting at the same time. We’re sure she would be totally blown away!

Source: @idolissue