“What Do You Want For Your Birthday?” First-Generation K-Pop Idol Is In Shock At What His Girlfriend Asks For

How would you respond in his situation?

Recently, a member of the first-generation K-Pop group Koyote angrily told a story about his ex-girlfriend that left him flustered.

On KBS CoolFM‘s Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show, Koyote member Bbaekga revealed a past incident where his ex-girlfriend had made an unreasonable request for a birthday present.

Bbaekga started the story by saying that he asked her what she wanted for her birthday.

I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and she asked, ‘Are you going to buy it for me?’

— Bbaekga

He mentioned that he just asked her as a matter of courtesy, and therefore, was shocked when she requested something very expensive—and she was detailed with the exact model.

I asked her if she wanted anything for her birthday as a matter of courtesy, and she said there was. You know how there’s a rough maximum for birthday presents? Well, she said she wanted a car. She even mentioned the model name of that car.

— Bbaekga

According to Bbaekga, the ex-girlfriend stated that someone like her “deserved a car like this,” which shocked the listeners.

Bbaekga continued that he unintentionally blurted out that she wasn’t at that “level” of car.

I unintentionally said, ‘You’re not at that level.’ The level I was talking about wasn’t the level as a human being. At the time, even I was riding a Korean car, so I meant it as a question asking, ‘Why do you need a foreign car?’

— Bbaekga

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In response, the ex-girlfriend started to fight with him once she realized he was not going to buy her the foreign car she wanted.

She started a fight with me. She said, ‘You said you would buy it, so why aren’t you buying it for me? Why do you speak with a forked tongue?’

— Bbaekga

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Koyote is a co-ed group who debuted in 1998 with the song “Genuine.” After going through some lineup changes, Bbaekga joined in 2004. He and the other group members Kim Jong Min and Shin Ji were known for their signature dance beats and exciting songs in the late 1990s and 2000s.

Source: News1