Black Box Footage Raises Suspicion On Former Idol’s Death

The black box footage reveals some strange things surrounding her death.

On May 8, 2019, it was revealed that the idol who died in a three-way car crash was former girl group member Han Ji Sung, who debuted back in 2010 as a member of B.Doll.

Ji Sung was struck by two cars near Incheon Airport around 3:50 AM. She had parked her car in the middle of the freeway since her husband had to use the bathroom. She was suddenly hit a taxi that was trying to steer away from the vehicle.

Her husband claimed that the reason she had stopped the car in the middle of the freeway is that,

I had to use the bathroom so we suddenly stopped the car. I went to do my business in the woods nearby and noticed the accident when I came back.

The police initially had difficulty with the investigation since Ji Sung’s car had no idea. They got their hands on black box footage from a car driving at the left lane, however, and it revealed what happened during the incident.

The footage shows that Han had also gotten out of the car before her husband went to the woods to do his business. Her husband claims that he doesn’t know why she got out of the car.

The incident occurred 10 seconds after she had stepped out of the car, meaning it is highly unlikely that the husband didn’t notice the accident until he came back to the car.

The husband claims that he had alcohol during the night of the incident, but is unsure if Ji Sung had consumed any.

This raises suspicious on the case surrounding her death. An autopsy will be performed and the police will investigate her death with the black box footage.

Source: Naver and Naver