A Dior Dress Proved A Challenge For BLACKPINK’s Jisoo To Wear—Here’s Why

She shared why she found the dress to be a challenging one to wear!

Along with their strong image and musical identity, BLACKPINK as a group is also known to begin fashion icons, and fans are always excited to see them pull outfits in their own unique ways!

BLACKPINK | Vogue Korea

As brand ambassadors for top luxury brands, BLACKPINK have been seen in many different styles, but despite their experience as models, Jisoo recently talked about an outfit that even she found challenging to wear!

Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Jisoo recently shot a pictorial with Vogue Korea, and also sat down for an interview with them! For the photoshoot, she modeled some gorgeous Dior outfits, and totally did justice to her rep as a “Human Dior”!

For the interview, Jisoo wore a black Dior dress with cutout details, and talked about how the dress, while absolutely gorgeous, was actually a big challenge for her to wear.

Wearing a dress like this was a big challenge for me. Still, I was like, ‘Okay! Let’s do this.’


She then elaborated on why it was a challenge, and stated that it was because the outfit made her look more mature, while she wanted to give the complete opposite effect with a completely different feel!

That dress makes me look very mature, doesn’t it? But I felt like rebelling against that sort of appearance. I wanted to give the clothes a different feel. I wanted to introduce an element of surprise and make people realize, ‘Oh? It can look like this?’

Especially at this sort of photoshoot!


And Jisoo did it; she totally made that dress her own!

Source: Vogue Korea


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